Unsure why your marketing efforts are not working? Or maybe you’d like to do your own social media marketing? Let us analyze your online marketing solutions and recommend strategies that will work.

This service include:

  • Social Media Audit

We will analyze your current online presence and marketing efforts to figure out why they are not working and/or how to improve them.

  • Social Media Strategy

The social media strategic plan includes goals, targets, and actions needed to be done to make a social media marketing campaign successful.

  • Content Categories and Calendar

We will give you theme and topic suggestions plotted on a social media content calendar so you don’t run out of content ideas to post on your social media channels.

  • Coaching and Training 

We will not leave you with just a strategic plan. We will schedule a day, so we can train you and/or your team so you can implement the plan smoothly.

  • Unlimited E-mail Support

Whenever you are unsure if you’re doing all the actions in your plan right, just send us an e-mail and we’ll gladly guide you.

  • Social Media Set up / Optimization

To give you the best start, we’ll set up one social media page for you or optimize your existing one including creating professional cover and profile photos for you.

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